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Power To Your Customers, Power To You.

We live in a world of apps, from food ordering to star gazing. Even an app to help us trace Covid-19.

But as we are all having to adjust to the current Covid-19 dominated world, the value of a dedicated app for your business has never been greater. 

As well as reassuring your customers with information, your app can help them order from you, book appointments, get loyalty bonuses and provide feedback.

And you will be able to communicate directly with your customers, through the app or by texting, and you can also set up all manner of couponing, messaging and click and collect systems - helping you become more flexible in the way you do business. 

Apps For Restaurants ... And Other Businesses

 Making Apps Accessible 

We use proven technology to deliver beautiful, functional apps that work right out of the box. Below are just some of the features we can build into an app for your business.

Coupons & Loyalty

Instantly create coupons and loyaltly cards, so your customers have a reason to come to your business and to your app. Again and again.

Ordering & Sales

Your app can feature food ordering and even an online shop, giving you huge flexibility in how - and where - you want to do business.


Because your customers sign up for your app, you can reach them both through the app and via text. You can create automatic messaging, as well as communicating your special offers.


Appointment-making, room-booking and event calendars are some of the many other options - and our apps can showcase your website and integrate all your social media.

Some Common Questions (and misconceptions)

If your app does not deliver any value, then no, they won't. The point about an app is that in a way, it's a transaction between you and your customer. They get convenience and added value, and in exchange you get the chance to reach them personally. For an app to be valuable to a customer, it must give them something like a loyalty scheme, or access to specific promotions - or, as we are seeing with the current pandemic, a way to shop that they would not otherwise be able to use, such as ordering food.

No. An app can only really be of benefit where you want customer loyalty, and where you can take advantage of the extra flexibility an app can offer you and your customers. Our apps are focussed on businesses serving the local community, such as hospitality, beauty and wellness, retail, and all manner of trades or services.

No. We use standard back-end modules to allow us to offer app creation at such a low price, but all our apps are custom-designed. The advantage is that we can provide reliable apps at a great price and with a short development time. Your app will always be unique and distinctive for your business.

Your WWW app will work on all modern smartphones and tablets, and - if you choose - will be available in the App Store (for iphone) and on Google Play (for Android). Getting your app listed properly and featured on both services does require a bit of input from you, as you are the business owner and the app is for your business.

Absolutely not. We can build apps for local businesses that are affordable AND offer features some international companies have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds to develop. Moreover our apps work out of the box, and can be turned around quickly. Most importantly, your app can be just as effective for your business as Amazon's. Just contact us for an initial chat.

That depends where you are, but we build them in Hampshire, England.


Practical apps for the real world



We work with you to understand your business, and identify how an app can help you, and which features you need. We also discuss general design issues.



Having got the materials we need from you, we put the app together and create the look for your approval. We will send you some screenshots and images to approve.



We give you access to the finished app in an online testing environment. You can see and play with it, and we can carry out any changes needed.  



Once signed off, we submit the code to Apple and Google, and provide you with marketing materials to tell all your customers, so they can download your app.

Our Risk-Free Agreement

Right up until you see the final app in the testbed, your initial deposit is all you will have to pay on our standard packages; the balance only falls due once you have signed off the app. Moreover, after the first 6 months, you can cancel your agreement with us at any time.

Extra Services

We can provide additional functionalities, such as an online shop, food ordering, room reservations, appointment booking and many more, right up to automatic messaging. Many of these can also work from your own website, adding functionality right across your business. Implementing these, as well as creating further information pages, will be quoted separately, as the pricing will depend on the size and complexity of your requirement. Text messaging and event-based emailing are all possible, as are coupons and messaging triggered by customer location.

With this depth of functionality, we can create the perfect, custom-made app for your business - adding value for you and your customers.

from £745.00

CREATION, plus £125 per month LICENCE

  • Basic Home Screen.
  • Simple functions with store locator, social media, coupons and website links.
  • Client dashboard.
  • In-app messaging.
from £1245.00

CREATION, plus £175 per month LICENCE

  • Everything in the basic plan, plus:
  • Loyalty cards, Forms, Advanced Coupons and messaging
  • Up to 2 extra information pages.
  • Advanced Home Screen.

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