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Some Video FAQs 

Let's start with the big one first: Video is important to any business; perhaps to explain a process, highlight a special promotion, or showcase your brand. Video content can add engagement to your website, your social media and your advertising.

No one (apart from Google) knows the algorithm they use for rankings, BUT those who know more than most say that 'rich media' on your site will help. Oh, and Google owns YouTube, so draw your own conclusions.

YouTube is now the world's second biggest search engine, so it makes sense to use that as well. And videos often appear at the top of search results. 

Er, no.  You don't have to have a Spielberg production, but your customers are well aware of what good video looks like. And good video content will increase customer attention and engagement (this has been shown by numerous research studies)

Maybe your competitors? According to recent research, 63% of businesses have started using video in their digital content, and 82% of these say video is an important part of their strategy. These numbers are growing all the time.

It certainly can be. When I worked in the advertising world, we regularly charged clients over £1 million for a 30 second commercial! BUT, effective, professional video content does not need to be prohibitively expensive. Sophisticated modern techniques and technology can deliver great video at prices accessible to smaller businesses.

We Make Great Video Content Accessible To Local Businesses.

We can help you grow your business by creating effective and engaging video content for you to use online: on your website, in your social media ... anywhere that video can help you reach out to your customers and give them a reason to purchase your products or services.

We aim to create quality video that's a good return on your investment, whether it's for a short-term promotion, or building your brand in the longer term.

By using sophisticated animation technology and high quality stock footage, we can deliver excellent quality at a very reasonable price. We also offer monthly and annual plans to enable you to access regular video content for blogs, promotions and social media feeds.

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Some Examples Of Recent Work

Here are just some of the ways we can help your business

Logo Stings

Give your logo that extra Ooomph! with  a video logo sequence - use it in videos, social media - wherever.

Video Ads

If you do Facebook ads, video can offer you so much more impact (and if you don't, you should consider it).


Make your promotions come alive with video animations, suitable for posting in social media, blogs and websites.


Engaging videos to tell your story, showcase testimonials, or just background graphics for your text.

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Colin Mills

I started my career in advertising making commercials for brands such as Pepsi-Cola and Snickers. After twenty years or so doing this I moved to produce documentaries using aerial footage, and also to create and license stock footage.

I have always been interested in the combination of technology and storytelling, so alongside my factual and stock footage activities I work with businesses to create effective video content for online use (as well as building websites and other digital marketing services).

I founded Wessex Web Workshop to offer specific digital marketing services to businesses serving local communities. Video content is an important part of helping such businesses tell their stories effectively, and to use digital marketing technologies to grow.

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